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AppleEnjoying - sleeping mask

AppleEnjoying - sleeping mask

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No more sleep problems! 💤

Experience uninterrupted and restful sleep

If you're reading this, you probably know how difficult it is to fall asleep. Whether it's your partner's snoring, racing thoughts or external noises, achieving deep sleep may seem impossible and quite problematic. This is where AppleEnjoying comes to the rescue.
Designed with built-in wireless headphones, this mask allows you to listen to soothing music or white noise, blocking distractions and helping you fall asleep faster.

Result? Enjoy the unrivaled comfort of listening to soothing sounds to ensure you get the best night's sleep you can.💙🩵

 Why can't you sleep with regular headphones?

Listening to white noise or meditation while sleeping with headphones is IMPOSSIBLE. This could mean that you keep losing one of your headphones in bed or waking up with sore ears after sleeping with your headphones in your ears. We don't need to mention that sleeping with on-ear headphones is terribly uncomfortable.

✔️ Sleep on your side or back without feeling any discomfort
✔️ Ultra thin, built-in wireless headphones
✔️ Stream overnight for up to 10-12 hours on a full charge

 Music therapy: a way to sleep better

Have you ever wondered why lullabies are so effective for children? Music has a huge impact on our emotions and stress levels.

✔️ Listening to calming melodies before bed:
✔️ Reduces stress and anxiety
✔️ It promotes relaxation and distracts from negative thoughts
✔️ Improves overall sleep quality
✔️ Masks disturbing ambient sounds


How does it work and what is its functionality?

If you are still wondering how AppleEnjoying works and what functions it has, watch this short video⤵️

Get deeper sleep in 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Connect via bluetooth Easily connect to any bluetooth device by holding the play button.

Step 2: Choose your music: Listen to white noise, relaxing music or podcasts to clear your mind and prepare you to sleep.

Step 3: Prepare for Dreamland Enjoy deep uninterrupted sleep in just a few minutes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews
I recommend !!

I wear it almost every night to try and reprogram my brain on low volume. It's great for meditation and for receiving subliminal messages. I love it. Thank you. 10/10 I would recommend

Rubye Leannon

For the price is quite well

June Mertz

Very practical

Zoe Bradtke

Are a beauty! Although I wish they could be programmed for the time to turn off.

Angus Terry

works pretty well !